Momentum Strategy Group client Mike Cella has become the first candidate to officially qualify for the Clay County Commission, District 1 race. Cella, along with the a group of committed supporters, collected well over the 296 voter petitions needed to be placed on the ballot, demonstrating strong grassroots support throughout the community.

“When I filed as a candidate, I committed to meeting every single voter in District 1. Because of this effort, we have already secured enough support from Clay County voters to be placed on the ballot. I appreciate the trust that my neighbors have shown me, and I look forward to continuing on with my goal of meeting each of them in the months to come.”

A letter from Clay County Elections Supervisor Chris Chambless indicated broad geographic support within the district as the petitions were evenly divided between the Green Cove Springs and Fleming Island areas.

Candidates seeking office in Clay County are required to submit designated number of verified voter petitions to qualify for the ballot, or may opt to pay a fee instead. The deadline to qualify is June 20, 2016.